What is your capacity?

Our intimate gallery space offers a great flow for mingling while keeping all guests close by. Our capacity varies depending on table setup, but you can comfortably entertain up to 60 guests for a limited-seating cocktail party. Please contact us for additional information.

What is the venue fee for a private event?

Our venue rental rates vary based on time of day, click here for more info.

What is included in your rental fee?

– Cleaning before and after the event

– Use of in-house tables & chairs for entire party

– Pre-event support from a Private Events Manager

– Day-of-event Coordinator

– In-house rentals

What dates are available?

Please contact us here to check availability.

How do I book a date?

To secure your date: we require a signed agreement, 50% venue deposit, plus $1,000 security deposit (returned after the event).

Are there any restrictions to the vendors I can use?

We have an open-vendor policy. You are able to bring in any vendor that you would like, including the caterer of your choice, with no restrictions. We have a list of recommended vendors that you are welcome to choose from but we do not require you to use anyone on that list. You may use any vendors of your choice for all services. Please see our list of preferred vendors who we trust to provide excellent service. 

Can we come early to decorate?

Barsky Gallery is a commercial art gallery with regular operating hours, therefore host & vendor load-in cannot begin until the contracted “Start Time”. You are allowed access to the gallery when your time block starts, so if you know you will be needing extra time to decorate, make sure you include your decorating time in whatever time block you choose. When your time block begins, we will have all of your tables, chairs and tablecloths set so the room will be ready for you or your vendors to decorate at that time.

Where do my guests park?

On-Street parking is available in the neighborhood and there is a parking lot directly across the street that charges $2/hr.

Are candles allowed?

Yes, as long as they are housed in containers that are taller than the candles to catch the wax and so the flames are not exposed.

Do I need to provide my own insurance?

We require a certificate of insurance from all corporate vendors.

Am I responsible for breakdown & clean up?

Your guests, décor, all food, personal items, etc., must be removed by the “Vacate By” time. All vendors must be contracted to complete the following breakdown procedures by the end of your time block:

  • All centerpieces, candles, and additional décor must be removed or thrown away offsite.

  • Tables and chairs must be folded and stacked.

  • All rentals must be back in the original crates for pick-up. Linens must be bagged and consolidated with rentals.

  • All food items must be removed from the premises.

  • All trash must be bagged and removed from the venue at the close of the event.

I don’t need 5 hrs, why can’t I rent fewer hours than that?

In our vast experience in the event industry, we have found that it is stressful for both the event host and the vendors to try to complete everything in a smaller block than 6 hours (9 hours for wedding events). This causes your caterer to be rushed, doesn’t allow much time for the setup of personal items, and it adds undue stress. Because of this, we have competitively priced our time blocks so that you have a comfortable amount of time while still staying within your budget.

Are there décor restrictions?

We absolutely want to allow your creativity to flow when you decorate for your event. In order to keep Barsky Gallery looking just as spiffy as it did prior to your event, we do not allow the use of fake flower petals, birdseed, rice, glitter or confetti.

What if we are a non-profit organization?

Non-profit organizations are near and dear to our heart! The 10% “give back” portion of the rental cost goes to you! No strings attached. We are happy to honor your tax exempt status as well. We simply need your tax exemption form, a 501(c), and we’re all set!