The Bachelorette’s best kept secret in Hoboken

Bachelorette Party venue Hoboken.jpg

In 2011, Barsky Gallery opened in Hoboken, New Jersey. The vision for the art gallery was something more than just displaying and selling art. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Albert Barsky came up with the idea of renting out event space at the art gallery to individuals and businesses. He figured that anyone who loves the arts and admires its beauty would want to host their event there.

Sure enough, Barsky’s business idea proved to be a gigantic success. The Barsky Gallery is now one of the top venues in New Jersey for not only art-related events, but also charity auctions, celebrations, corporate gatherings, social gatherings, and product launches. Even if an event does not directly relate to art, the beauty of the venue alone enhances the atmosphere for the guests, while intorducing the artists’ work to new audiences.

Recently, this beautiful commercial art gallery was the chosen venue for a bachelorette dinner party hosted by “The Artful Bachelorette.” The fully-catered dinner party consisted of 10 women, a nude male model and plenty of alcoholic beverages to keep them entertained. In case you’re not familiar with The Artful Bachelorette, they’re known for hosting artistic-style bachelorette dinner parties where the female attendees get to draw a nude male model... or two.

new jersey bachelorette party venue.jpg

This is certainly a change from the traditional bachelorette party of merely watching a male model strip. Now, a bachelorette and her girlfriends get to draw the male models and take their drawings home afterward. That is what happened at the Artful Bachelorette’s most recent dinner party held at the Barsky Gallery. The women attendees got to sketch two different attractive male models in a classy art gallery environment.

Meanwhile, the women got to drink a glass of the bubbly the entire time too. That helped bring out their creative and artistic talents like only champagne can do. Although their drawings were nothing that a professional artist would produce, they all still had a uniquely interesting and fun time together.

At the Barsky Gallery, it is a popular venue for bachelorette parties like these because of the diverse range of events that are acceptable. There are no restrictions against male models in the nude or anything like that at the venue. But if it’s a bachelorette party, then you probably already knew that.